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Sunday Afternoon Project

Reversible bucThe Sunday Afternoon Project StorySharing™ Archetypes Bucket Hatket hat

Reversible bucThe Sunday Afternoon Project StorySharing™ Archetypes Bucket Hatket hat

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Shield yourself from the sun and dive into the depths of archetype exploration with The Sunday Afternoon Project’s StorySharing™ Archetypes Bucket Hat. With a fresh archetype featured every week, this reversible hat is a statement of identity and a beacon for kindred spirits.

A Tale in Every Thread: Our bucket hats are stitched with symbols, inviting you to delve into a character from our collective lore. Flip the script—and your hat—to reveal the archetype that speaks to your story this week.

Versatile Fashion, Varied Stories: White on one side and emblazoned with our iconic logo on the other, this bucket hat offers you the choice of a classic look or a bold statement. It's not just an accessory—it's an interactive element in your personal tale.

Circular Saga: The round design mirrors our stories' never-ending cycle, with every circumference a loop in the spiral of StorySharing™. Each hat is an opportunity to crown yourself with a new narrative and to see the world through an ancient lens.

Fashioning Futures with Foundations of Old: Your support goes beyond the fabric. Every hat sold spins another thread into the fabric of The Sunday Afternoon Project's vision—cultivating a global canopy of shared stories under which we all find shelter.

Circle the seasons and cycle through the sagas with our weekly archetype reveals. Make this bucket hat your talisman and your invitation to others—let's uncover our stories together.

Product Details:

  • Weekly limited edition archetype designs.
  • Reversible wearability—plain white or logo print.
  • Lightweight and durable fabric for any story-setting.
  • Comfortable fit for continuous wear and endless StorySharing™.
  • One size fits most, creating a universal symbol of narrative discovery.

🎩 DON IT with pride. 🌐 CONNECT IT to your journey. 💗 WEAVE THE NARRATIVE with every wear of your Archetypes Collection Bucket Hat.

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