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Sunday Afternoon Project

The Sunday Afternoon Project StorySharing™ Archetypes T-Shirt

The Sunday Afternoon Project StorySharing™ Archetypes T-Shirt

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Wrap yourself in the fabric of humanity with The Sunday Afternoon Project’s StorySharing™ Archetypes T-Shirt. Each week brings a new design, a new symbol from the universal storybook that connects us all, ready for you to wear and share.

Weekly Woven Narratives: Every T-shirt in the Archetypes Collection is more than a garment; it's a wearable tale, an emblem of the archetypal forces that shape our collective journey, revealed with each new design.

Crafted for Comfort and Connection: Our tees are made with the softest materials, designed to feel like a second skin that comfortably carries the weight of the stories we bear. With every size and fit, find the space to move and the freedom to express your archetype of the week.

A Canvas for Conversation: Don these tees as a badge of your personal saga. They serve not just as attire but as an opener for dialogue, an invitation for others to engage with the story you represent, from the mundane to the magical.

Supporting a Tapestry of Tales: With each purchase, you're threading your support into the mission of The Sunday Afternoon Project, sewing together a quilt of safe spaces where every story is given its due reverence.

Dress in the essence of the archetype, embody its lessons, and walk out the door as a storied individual, a character in the grand epic of life.

Product Details:

  • A fresh archetype to discover and display every week.
  • Premium fabric blend for enduring comfort.
  • Tailored for all bodies, with inclusive sizing.
  • Machine washable and resilient through countless narratives.
  • Each tee is a testament to the tales that bind us.

👕 WEAR IT with pride. 📢 PROCLAIM IT with purpose. 💗 EXPERIENCE THE ARCHETYPE with every Archetypes Collection T-Shirt.

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