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Sunday Afternoon Project

The Sunday Afternoon Project StorySharing™ Archetypes Mug

The Sunday Afternoon Project StorySharing™ Archetypes Mug

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Savor the narrative nuances of the Archetypes Collection with every sip from The Sunday Afternoon Project’s StorySharing™ Mug. Each week, as you cradle your cup, you're not just holding a beverage; you're grasping a fresh archetype, a new chapter of collective storytelling waiting to be unveiled.

Weekly Wisdom in Every Design: With a new archetype featured every week, this mug isn’t simply a drinkware item—it’s your weekly invitation to explore the stories that define us, shared over coffee, tea, or moments of reflection.

Crafted for Archetypal Adventures: Our mugs fit snugly in your grasp, ready to accompany you as you navigate the waters of self-discovery and shared identity. Made with resilient ceramic, these mugs are steadfast companions on your journey through the rich landscape of human experience.

A Chronicle in Every Cup: Begin each morning with a story in your hands. This mug isn’t just a container for your drink—it’s a catalyst for conversation, a way to bring the archetypal energies into your daily routine, sparking dialogue and introspection wherever you are.

Sustainably Sourced Sagas: Each mug supports the ethos of The Sunday Afternoon Project, contributing to a global endeavor to cherish our narratives and amplify every voice.

Pour, ponder, and partake in the weekly rhythm of revelation.

Product Details:

  • Features a unique archetype design every week.
  • High-quality ceramic for enduring tales and teas.
  • Ergonomic handle, designed for comfort and connection.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe, for the practicalities of modern myth-making.
  • Generous 11oz capacity to fuel the narrative of your day.

SIP IT with anticipation. 🗣️ SPEAK IT with passion. 💗 EMBRACE THE ARCHETYPE with each Archetypes Collection Mug.

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