Data and Research Plan

Exploring the Universality of Belonging and Shared Stories in Cohort 1

Research Objectives:

  1. Understanding Belonging: To explore how the concept of belonging is perceived and experienced by individuals across diverse backgrounds.
  2. Efficacy of StorySharing Workshops: To evaluate the impact of The StorySharing Workshops on fostering a sense of belonging and understanding among participants.
  3. Identifying Common Threads: To uncover common themes and narratives that resonate across different demographics within the cohort.
  4. Tools for Shared Stories: To identify and refine effective tools and techniques for facilitating shared storytelling experiences.


  1. Participant Selection: Involvement of a diverse group of individuals, aiming for a balanced representation of various ages, professions, and cultural backgrounds.
  2. Workshop Participation: Participants will engage in The StorySharing Workshops, designed to encourage sharing and listening to personal narratives in a Safe Space.
  3. Data Collection: Use of mixed methods, including pre- and post-workshop surveys, focus group discussions, and individual interviews to gather comprehensive data.
  4. Analysis: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data to identify key trends, changes in perceptions, and the effectiveness of different storytelling methods.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Insights into Belonging: A deeper understanding of how different individuals and communities perceive and experience the sense of belonging.
  2. Impact Assessment: Clear evidence of the effectiveness of The StorySharing Workshops in fostering empathy, understanding, and a sense of community.
  3. Guidance for Workshop Refinement: Practical insights into refining and adapting the workshops for targeted groups such as children, teenagers, and specific professional or cultural communities.
  4. Foundation for Scalability: Establishing a framework that can be scaled and adapted for future cohorts and diverse groups.


This research aims to contribute significantly to the field of social cohesion and community building. By understanding the nuances of shared stories and belonging, The Sunday Afternoon Project seeks to enhance its impact and reach, ultimately fostering more empathetic and cohesive communities.