A Letter From Our Founders

The insights that built The Sunday Afternoon Project came from our lived experience as queer men looking for, and finding, a place where we belonged, where we could be and be treated as a family, and the subsequent eye-opening realization that in finding it, we isolated ourselves from the reality we were running from.

Many wonderful organizations work towards supporting the queer community. We are flipping that on it's head: to share what the modern queer community has learned about navigating a hostile world with the world at large: the dynamics of identity, of shared safe spaces, of both harmful and edifying narrative constructs, of privilege and how it can be wielded for good.

In this season of hope and generosity, we reach out to you for support. Your contributions will help us continue our work, creating a world where everyone, irrespective of their background, finds a place to belong and someone to share their story with