A Letter from the Sunday Afternoon Project Founders

A Letter from the Sunday Afternoon Project Founders


At the heart of The Sunday Afternoon Project and StorySharing™ lies a deeply personal journey. As queer men, we embarked on a search for a sense of belonging and family. We longed for a space where we could be ourselves and be treated as equals. However, our quest also led us to a profound realization – in finding our safe haven, we unintentionally isolated ourselves from the reality we were running from. In this letter, we share the insights that shaped our project and offer a glimpse into the transformative power of storytelling.


Finding Belonging

Our Lived Experience as Queer Men

As queer individuals, we understand the yearning to find a community where we feel accepted and truly belong. There is a unique sense of shared understanding and camaraderie that arises from connecting with others who have walked a similar path. This shared experience forms the foundation of The Sunday Afternoon Project.

The Search for Family

We often define family as those who love, support, and cherish us unconditionally. The concept of family extends beyond blood ties, reaching into the depths of chosen connections. We sought to create an environment where individuals could form meaningful relationships and forge their own sense of family, becoming a part of something larger than themselves.

The Eye-Opening Realization

Isolating Ourselves from Reality

In the pursuit of creating a safe and nurturing space, we inadvertently isolated ourselves from the realities that shaped us. By surrounding ourselves with individuals who shared similar experiences and perspectives, we unintentionally shielded ourselves from the diversity of the world. It became evident that in order to foster understanding and empathy, we needed to bridge the gap between our safe haven and the wider society.

Embracing Reality Through StorySharing™

Storytelling emerged as the transformative tool that could bridge the gap. Through sharing personal narratives and experiences, we discovered the power to connect on a deeper level with people outside our immediate community. StorySharing™ fosters empathy, dismantles biases, and enriches the tapestry of human experience.

The Transformative Power of StorySharing™

Breaking Down Barriers

StorySharing™ is an invitation to step into someone else's shoes and experience the world through their eyes. It allows us to break down the walls that separate us, fostering understanding, compassion, and acceptance. By embracing the stories of others, we can challenge preconceived notions, overcome biases, and build bridges between diverse communities.

Shaping the Narrative

Sharing stories gives individuals the agency to shape their own narrative, reclaim their voice, and be heard. It empowers marginalized voices and amplifies underrepresented experiences. StorySharing™ provides a platform for stories that have often been silenced, creating a more inclusive society that celebrates the richness of every individual's lived experience.

The Sunday Afternoon Project and StorySharing™ were born out of our own search for belonging and family. Through our lived experience as queer men, we stumbled upon the realization that isolation from the wider reality hindered our growth and understanding. StorySharing™ emerged as the powerful tool that could foster connection, empathy, and inclusivity. By breaking down barriers through the sharing of personal narratives, we hope to create a world that embraces and celebrates the diversity of human experience.

Funders handwritten signature

"There are qualities in founders, difficult to find because they are rare, and even harder to teach: Passion, grit, flexibility, open mindedness, and mission driven. In Sunday Afternoon Project we have not just one founder, but two; establishing a certainty that this work will change the world."

Paul O'Brien

CEO a Mediatech Ventures Venturese

"Luis and Hans have absolutely everything you want to see in entrepreneurs, drive, passion and persistence. We have no doubt they will continue to succeed and create safe spaces for us all."

Tina Cannon

President and CEO Austin LGBT Chamber

"Luis and Hans are brilliant business founders who easily could have remained focused building their empire and making more and more money for themselves. That they have chosen to apply their keen entrepreneurial skills and rally their large, passionate networks to create safe and inclusive spaces for those in need of them (which is all of us!) is so very inspirational. I am excited to watch them change the world for the better, and I'm deeply honored to count them as friends!!"

Afam Onyema

CEO and Co-Founder, GEANCO Foundation