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Our Mission Is To Empower

Individuals, communities, and organizations to build a world of belonging by developing and sharing the tools to create, around themselves, safe spaces: spaces of Fearless StorySharing™.

These Spaces Enable Us

To proudly explore and take ownership of our own identities: to understand that narrowly defined group alignment (race, gender, politics, sexual preference, etc.) is and outdated construct: at best, it is a deeply flawed proxy for identity; at worst, it’s been abused, by both sides of the political spectrum, to further fraction our nation.

Much Work Still Needs To Be Done

On creating an equitable world of opportunity, but just as important, yet less discussed, is the development of America’s incredibly diverse youth to go after the opportunities the world presents.

We Explore The Understanding & Ownership

Of our identity and the liberation from undue shame attached to it as an economic propulsor, especially for disadvantaged groups. Success means rising above the false beliefs that create self-exclusion: the undue shame about who we really are and where we come from that informs and hinders what we believe we have to contribute to the world.


Research Objectives:

  1. Understanding Belonging: To explore how the concept of belonging is perceived and experienced by individuals across diverse backgrounds.
  2. Efficacy of StorySharing Workshops: To evaluate the impact of The StorySharing Workshops on fostering a sense of belonging and understanding among participants.
  3. Identifying Common Threads: To uncover common themes and narratives that resonate across different demographics within the cohort.
  4. Tools for Shared Stories: To identify and refine effective tools and techniques for facilitating shared storytelling experiences.

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Media Development & Production

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We acknowledge the incredibly influential power of media in shaping narratives and social change, and we actively support the development of media properties that center on exploring, interrogating, and building Safe Spaces, providing expertise, resources, and creative collaboration.

In addition to our support or consulting for external projects, we produce our own media initiatives, including films, documentaries, audio, books, and digital content, that challenge norms and inspire action. We embrace a non-prescriptive approach, allowing for authentic storytelling that explores adult themes and complex human experiences while promoting the values of safe spaces and inclusivity. We believe that media must be thought-provoking in order to be effective in conveying a message, and that doing good/being good must never be equated with dullness.

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Storysharing Workshops

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Our project focuses on launching semi-annual cohorts of StorySharing workshops, initially targeted at workers in the technology industry within the Austin area. These workshops are designed to deepen understanding of the limitations inherent in current diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. Specifically, we highlight that these practices are incomplete if they do not foster transferable skills that members of the group can use to benefit their larger communities. Additionally, they are ineffective if they do not aim for self-efficacy: a person cannot be made to belong; rather, they must actively seek belonging.

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