Join us for Austin's World Logic Day - Hosted By United Nations and Logictry

Join us for Austin's World Logic Day - Hosted By United Nations and Logictry

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be supporting Austin's World Logic Day, an event brought to you by the United Nations and Logictry, as Media Sponsors helping participants to share their stories.

Join us and 100’s of other leaders for a full day of engaging discussions, activations, and panels on logic and reasoning.

Hear from 60+ experts and decision-makers on crucial topics like AI technology and sustainability.

Connect with global leaders, decision makers, educators, family offices, investors, venture capitalists, and founders who are eager to collaborate.

As a special surprise, we're offering our followers free GA and reduce pricing for VIP tickets. Use the link below to register.

👉 Register For Free GA Ticket Here
"There are qualities in founders, difficult to find because they are rare, and even harder to teach: Passion, grit, flexibility, open mindedness, and mission driven. In Sunday Afternoon Project we have not just one founder, but two; establishing a certainty that this work will change the world."

Paul O'Brien

CEO a Mediatech Ventures Venturese

"Luis and Hans have absolutely everything you want to see in entrepreneurs, drive, passion and persistence. We have no doubt they will continue to succeed and create safe spaces for us all."

Tina Cannon

President and CEO Austin LGBT Chamber

"Luis and Hans are brilliant business founders who easily could have remained focused building their empire and making more and more money for themselves. That they have chosen to apply their keen entrepreneurial skills and rally their large, passionate networks to create safe and inclusive spaces for those in need of them (which is all of us!) is so very inspirational. I am excited to watch them change the world for the better, and I'm deeply honored to count them as friends!!"

Afam Onyema

CEO and Co-Founder, GEANCO Foundation